Fauquier Health Summer Medical Camp 2019

July 29, 2019

Warrenton, Va. (July 29, 2019) – This month, Fauquier Health concluded one of the community’s most popular student programs, Medical Camp. Medical Camp spanned over a two week period. The first week of Medical Camp was held from Tuesday, July 9 to Wednesday, July 10. The second week of Medical Camp was held from Tuesday, July 16 to Wednesday, July 17. Each week consisted of a different group of approximately 20 students who came together to complete a series of modules and activities designed to advance their knowledge in the health care field.

This summer, Medical Camp was only offered as a Level II camp in which those eligible to partake were graduates from the 2018 Level I camp. During the camp, there were a variety of modules scheduled for completion such as advanced suturing, sports medicine, wound care, back boarding/collaring, forensics, a day in the life job shadowing, and injections/phlebotomy. The students got to attend a “Who’s Your Momma?” component to investigate inherited ABO blood groups. This allowed the students to explore testing measures to determine what baby belonged to what mother. Physician Assistants from Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center, Michele Glowicki and Kelley Schimler, and Medical Assistant, Kathy Gentry, also worked with the students at Medical Camp to teach basic anatomy of the wrist, the medical art of casting, and the basic fundamentals of sports medicine healthcare to the teen campers. 

This year Medical Camp was full of surprises to keep things interesting with the students. On week one, day two, the students received an impromptu Aircare visit. Aircare talked with the students about the different types of patients that they receive. They discussed some of the details of their work, how they get patients on the helicopter, and what skillsets are needed to work for a company like Aircare. After discussing the roles and responsibilities, the students were invited to get into the helicopter.

During week two, day two, the students received a visit from Fauquier County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and they discussed Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). Fauquier EMS presented to the students about what you do in a crisis, discussed use of tourniquets and the different types used in the field, and talked about other items that can be used to stop bleeding. The students were then able to practice using tourniquets on each other to gain firsthand experience. Overall, the students generated quite a bit of excitement around the surprise visits from Aircare and Fauquier EMS. One of the instructors overheard the students commenting on how “cool and exciting” the surprise modules were.

Tamela Jenkins, Fauquier Health’s Medical Camp Module Coordinator, worked to organize this year’s Medical Camp along with the assistance from several volunteers, staff members from Fauquier Health, and staff members from Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center. Tamela thanked all of those involved in this year’s camp, “I would like to thank everyone that assisted me during this year’s Medical Camp. Without them, it would not have been such a great success. Their willingness to volunteer their time allowed the students to have the experience of a lifetime. I am proud to know and work with every single one of them.”

Jeff Hollis, CEO of Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center also commented, “We always enjoy working with Fauquier Health, as we are both focused on providing the best care for the folks of Fauquier County. In this instance, through the Medical Camp, we are both helping educate the next generation of healthcare providers here in the region."

Level I Medical Camp applications for next summer will begin in the early months of 2020. As the date approaches, additional information will be posted on the Fauquier Health website. For a full listing of the volunteers involved in making this year’s Medical Camp such a success, please see below.

Medical Camp Volunteer List for July 9 and July 16


  • Dr. Robert Dart
  • Mandy Perry, CST

Sports Medicine

  • Kathy Gentry, Medical Assistant with Blue Ridge Orthopaedics
  • Adrion Doby, RN
  • Michele Glowicki, PA
  • Kelley Schimler, PA


  • Ashley Lodge, college student volunteering her time to assist

Lap Chole

  • Lisa Day, CST – Lord Fairfax Community College


  • Kim Shuler, RN,
  • Sandy Williams, RN

Wound Care

  • Erin Steele, RN

Back boarding & Collaring

  • Jessica Icaza, Lieutenant – Fauquier County EMS

The four EMS providers below were delivering a patient to the hospital and came to speak to the students:

  • Chuck Myers, Paramedic (EMS)
  • Daniel Bohon, Advanced (EMS)
  • Aiden Simmons (Volunteer from the Plains)
  • Brendon Miller, Lieutenant (EMS)

Team lead – Amber Ryan – Liberty High School student

Medical Camp Volunteer List for July 10 and July 17


  • Randy Mitchell, CST


  • Donna Burke, RN
  • ​Lori Harris, RN


  • Michele Lambert, Lab Assistant
  • Kelly Yoder, MT

“Who’s your Momma?” Module

  • Colleen Beres, RN

Cath Lab

  • Larson Lancaster, RN
  • Shannon Vooys, RN
  • Jennifer Raynes, CVT, RCIS
  • Bernice Thomas, ARRT
  • Mark Masonheimer, Manager, Cardiac Cath Lab

Team Building

  • Tamela Jenkins, RN

Aircare 1 Medevac

  • Joel Bowler, Flight Medic
  • Jay Dunn, Pilot
  • Eileen Cox, Flight Nurse

TECC module – Casualties

  • Fred McEvilly, Battalion Chief
  • ​Brittany VanBuren, Clinical & Secretarial Technician

Credit to Mike Gillam, Battalion Chief for assisting Tamela Jenkins in coordinating EMS assistance with back boarding and TECC module