Visitors to Fauquier Health Facilities

No one likes to wait, but sometimes it is necessary. Waiting for a family member or friend to come out of surgery, finish medical testing or be released from the Emergency Department can be stressful. At Fauquier Health, your comfort is important to us. Please let us know if there is something we can do to make your wait more pleasant.

While You Wait

If you wish to take a walk or leave the campus while you wait, you can leave your cell phone number with the receptionist in the appropriate department so that you can be reached with news of your loved one’s progress. There are newspaper stands outside, near the main entrance, and books and magazines available in the Gift Shop. Our Health Resource Center features a relaxing space for print and online reading and research. Hours may vary. Please ask at the front desk.

Cell Phones & Computers

For those who like to keep in touch, cell phone use is allowed in all areas of the hospital. Free wireless access is available throughout the building, with hot spots in the Bistro, Conference Center, Resource Center, Main Lobby; and for families in the Birthing Center and the 4th floor waiting area.


Our well-known and well-stocked Bistro on the Hill is an excellent choice for hungry visitors. Whether you crave made-to-order Mongolian stir-fry, fresh deli sandwiches or time-honored comfort foods, you will find it all here and more. And our fresh salad bar is a local favorite. If you only want a quick snack, or you are hungry after Bistro hours, there are vending areas in the Bistro lobby, Emergency Department lobby and family waiting lounges on all of the inpatient floors.

Tobacco Use

For the health of our patients, visitors and employees, tobacco use is not permitted anywhere on our campus. We understand this may be difficult for some. Adult patients who smoke may request a nicotine patch during hospitalization. Visitors may request nicotine gum at the front desk. Visitors (not patients) who prefer to leave the campus to smoke, may leave a cell phone number with the waiting area receptionist so that they can be reached.


Our front desk staff will be happy to direct you to the appropriate department.

Patient Advocate

If you have any unresolved issues related to your visit or the patient’s care that you wish to discuss, please contact the patient advocate at extension 5014 (540-316-5014).

If Your Loved One is Admitted

All of our rooms are private, which allows us to offer comfortable overnight accommodations for you if you prefer to remain with your loved one. There are no set visiting hours, but please let the front desk know if you are staying after 9 p.m. Note that after 9 p.m. the main lobby door is locked and you must use the Emergency Department entrance.

There will be a Patient Guide in the patient’s room with more details to guide you. Here is a searchable version.