Weight Loss Nutrition

A key component of the weight loss program is to ensure the proper dietary needs are met. As with many journeys, education is an integral part in starting off on the right foot, and then maintaining momentum. Proper nutrition promotes overall health and continues to help reduce the risk for nutrition-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and joint problems. Healthy eating can also have a significantly positive effect on the body’s ability to cope with any existing medical conditions.

As part of the Center for Weight Loss, Fauquier Health offers one-on-one guidance from a registered dietitian. We know that weight loss journeys aren’t easy, so our registered dietitian individualizes each dietary plan, to help patients stay on track with their measured goals. Once a plan is created, our registered dietitian monitors its progress, helping to identify when changes should be made to get results.  

This program is unique in that it’s the individualized support that helps enable patients to see their dreams turn into reality. As they progress through the program, they will learn to set and achieve realistic goals, develop support systems and hold themselves accountable in establishing new habits.

For more information, call 540-316-2735 or email weightloss@fauquierhealth.org