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Nutrition Services at Fauquier Wellness Center

Nutrition Services at Fauquier Wellness Center Outpatient Nutrition Counseling

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling

Fauquier Health offers outpatient nutrition counseling at the Wellness Center . Patients who sign up for nutrition counseling will receive an individualized nutrition plan tailored to fit their  medical history and personal goals, like abnormal lipids, diabetes, eating disorders, weight management, sports nutrition, and food allergies, to name a few.

The dieticians in Fauquier Health’s Nutrition Services department will also help you learn to fit healthy habits into your lifestyle. For example, are you a commuter facing difficult timer challenges? Your dietitian can show you how to make quick nutritious food choices on the go. Retired and on a budget? Our dieticians can cover that in nutrition counseling as well.

Some nutrition services may be covered by insurance with a doctor’s referral. Check with your provider for details.


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