Body Fat Composition Page

At Fauquier Health Wellness Center, our registered dieticians offer body fat composition tests as part of our nutrition counseling program.

You can meet with a dietitian for one hour of personalized nutrition counseling, which includes a Tanita body composition test. The dietitian will analyzed and give you tips to improve your body fat composition.  The Tanita body fat composition monitors are FDA approved and reliable. They go beyond measuring body fat composition to also include weight, body mass index, fat mass, fat-free mass and more. Understanding the ratios of muscle, water and fat mass means you can have a clearer view of exactly what is happening in your body so you can fine tune your fitness and wellness program.

The body fat composition test is part of our nutrition counseling program, offered by our Nutrition Services

department. Some nutrition services may be covered by insurance with a doctor’s referral. Check with your provider for details.


Learn more about our Inpatient Nutrition Services and Outpatient Nutrition Counseling programs. 

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