Insulin Pump Management

If you have diabetes, you’re probably already familiar with insulin pumps/CGM pumps. But if you’ve just recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be unfamiliar with new technologies in insulin pump management.

An insulin pump can help in diabetes management. Insulin pumps are devices worn continuously by diabetics, which deliver a dose of insulin at a programmed rate. Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) add another level of insulin pump management. CGM pumps can help eliminate the frustration often associated with frequent blood glucose swings.

Those who use insulin pumps and CGM pumps agree that it makes diabetes care easier, by eliminating individual injections, improving your health and adding flexibility to your lifestyle. Using insulin pumps has both its advantages and disadvantages: while insulin pumps can make diabetes management easier, there are also some disadvantages. 

Whether you are just now considering an insulin pumps, or have been using an insulin pumps for years,  or are interested in CGM pump technology, it’s important to understand both the pros and cons to using an insulin pump, as well as proper insulin pump management. 

Fauquier Health is here to help by offering training in insulin pump management. Improve your diabetes self-management, utilize your insulin pump features and fine tune your settings with our insulin pump management program.

Doctor’s referral required for insurance coverage.

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