Breastfeeding is a skill learned by both mother and baby and it does not always come easily. Fauquier Health provides multiple prenatal classes to enhance every mother's delivery experience, from labor to assuming care of a newborn to breastfeeding. The prenatal breastfeeding class builds confidence in mothers to prepare for the breastfeeding experience. In addition, Fauquier Health offers an ongoing breastfeeding support group that offers guidance to ensure that mother and baby are getting the most out of breastfeeding. Listed below are some helpful breastfeeding links to get you started, but there are many other great resources out there.

Online Educational Resources:

-Fauquier Health Childbirth and Lactation Classes

-Lactation Education Resources(Go to: Resources; Handouts for Parents)

-Medela Breast Feeding Supplies (Go to: Learn & Prepare for Breastfeeding, categories below)

-Ameda Breast Feeding Supplies (Go to: Breastfeeding; Click on categories on left side of screen)

-Low Milk Supply (Go to: Categories on left side of screen)

-Dr. Nils Bergman (Skin to Skin) (Go to: About KMC, Articles, Stories, FAQ)

-Stanford School of Medicine (Go to: “Getting Started with Breastfeeding” Videos)

-Dr. Jack Newman (Go to: Online Info (videos, articles)

-Breastfeeding after Breast and Nipple Surgeries

-Breastfeeding Online (General Breastfeeding Information

-Kelly Mom (General Breastfeeding Information)



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