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Larry Stephenson MD

As a board-certified neurologist, Dr. Stephenson treats adult patients with all types of neurological conditions, including headaches, stroke, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease and trigeminal neuralgia. And with nearly three decades of experience, Dr. Stephenson has gained valuable insight into the role communication plays during the treatment process. Before he puts together the treatment plan for a patient, he fi rst determines the patient’s personal needs and goals, and then discusses the treatment plan with the patient to make sure it is the right fit. By taking a little extra time to interact with his patients, Dr. Stephenson is able to create the most individualized and patient-centered treatment plans.

Education and Training
After earning his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) in 1977, Dr. Stephenson completed the MCV Neurology Internship and Residency Program, and the MCV Neurophysiology Fellowship Program.

Certifications and Proficiencies
Dr. Stephenson is qualifi ed to practice acupuncture and provides acupuncture services for adults and children.

Honors and Awards
Among his many academic honors, Dr. Stephenson graduated cum laude from the undergraduate biology program at the University of Richmond. He also received the American Heart Association Stroke Fellowship Award. In addition, Dr. Stephenson is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Neurology, American Medical Association, and the Southern Medical Association.

Dr. Stephenson joined Fauquier Health as a private practice physician with Fauquier Neurological Associates in 1982, right after he completed his fellowship program. While working on his fellowship, he was a classroom lecturer and helped prepare the electroencephalography (EEG) curriculum for MCV students.

Personal Interests
Dr. Stephenson has three children and is active in his church.

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